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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phoenix Consulting Group?
We’re a UC Berkeley student organization that consults for health-sector business problems. Our projects create value both for our clients and our analysts. You can find out more about our club on the About page.
What does a Phoenix team look like?
We staff teams consisting of 4-6 analysts, a project manager, and a principal. The project manager and principal communicate with clients and translate business objectives into project objectives. The analysts then fulfill these project objectives through data analysis, market research, and more.
What’s a typical time frame, scope, and cost for a Phoenix project?
Projects generally last one semester (13-14 weeks), with a midterm and final deliverable. Scopes range widely, but we tend to take on projects that are self-contained (we work remotely and asynchronously) and directly add value to clients’ businesses. Costs are benchmarked based on company size and type and project nature. Our external team typically negotiates this once projects are confirmed. Each semester, we take on one entirely pro bono project for a nonprofit organization.
What kinds of clients and projects have you worked with/on in the past?
Past clients span the biotech, healthcare, and life sciences industries, but also include tech companies with health initiatives, nonprofit organizations, and more. Project deliverables have included product mockups, international expansion strategies, drug pipeline analysis, and more. Our members span tech, policy, healthcare, finance, and biology, and Phoenix can take on projects in any of these areas. Feel free to read more about our projects on the Projects page.